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Create more space with a specialised high quality outdoor room

Recent Project

In conjunction with the school we designed a total of five buildings within the grounds that harmonise with the school grounds, fitted in with the children's play areas and were integral to the school's environment. The first stage of the project was to install a janitor's store and an IT room that could be used by the children. We also designed an Octagonal building at the school's entrance for Mum's to sit and chat in. After a year or so we then returned and created a potting shed for school's new vegie patch and a room to host Adult Education


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We are experienced working on school projects and in school areas. We are trusted to deliver affordable high quality garden rooms and offices that will suit any school environment. The nature of our construction will cause minimal fuss and disruption and we always deliver on time and on budget.

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Don't just believe us - use Greenfields Children's Centre as a reference

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