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Lady P, Berkshire

The Oxford

Designed to be installed within permitted development rights. This garden room has a flat roof under 2.5m high so is perfect for smaller gardens, can be built within 2.0m of boundaries or in areas where planning permission may be difficult to obtain

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The garden room above was finished with traditonal featheredge cladding and painted. Included a separate shed area for storing the children's bikes as well as a small cloakroom.


All of our garden rooms are designed and manufactured to order so we can create the perfect space for your garden, whether it is for an office at home, hobby room or children's den.


If you prefer we are also able to offer cladding in the newly popular choice of Larch or Cedar


This garden room replaced an existing shed to create a single person office.

We designed the room to include a storage area for all the garden equipment while giving the customer a bright, warm and efficient space to work from home